Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Leah's first fairy garden.

Leah and I created her first fairy garden today!  It was a lot of fun and super easy.  Until this spring, I had no clue what a fairy garden was.  I first became curious when Leah gravitated to the miniature accessories every time we visited the garden store.  Then, her little friend started talking about them.  The next thing I know, Leah is asking to make one. It wasn't until I searched online that I actually found out what a huge hobby it is.

An added bonus?  You really can't mess anything up.  Fairy gardens are what you make of them and for a 4 year-old girl, they can be quite magical.

For the supplies, we already had a flower pot, top soil, aquarium rocks and miniature tree stumps (I cut cross sections from a branch from a dead tree).  So we ended up purchasing some small mushrooms for extra color, a mini birdhouse and watering can for interest, little birds to go with the birdhouse, a whimsical fairy and 3 dwarf plants.  The moss was taken right from my paver stones. I knew that moss would come in handy!

We didn't really have a plan of how we were going to lay it out.  To be honest, nothing is planned when a 4 year-old is running the show.  I did, however, suggest spots for her to put things as we went along to help create a consistent look and theme.

For our original design, we laid pine needles along the left side of the pot and scattered them around for a ground cover.  Then I had an idea to use the moss that was growing up through our paver bricks instead so I ditched the pine needles.  Now, it looks like grass growing inside this miniaturized garden.  I'm sure the fairy appreciates the soft moss instead of the pointy pine needles too!

The total cost of our fairy garden project was $30.  The largest expense was the fairy ($8 and it was the cheapest one there) and the plants ($5 each).  The little trinkets were fairly inexpensive and ranged from $1-2 each.  The garden took about 30 minutes from the time we started until clean-up.

I really like this project for Leah because it teaches her how to water and care for living plants in a fun way.  I like this project for us because the fairy garden lightens up the mood of our landscaping by adding color and a sense of excitement and uniqueness.  This is an easy project that we can do together every spring and something for her to look forward to.

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