Sunday, February 2, 2014

More storage for Leah's toys.

At some point last Fall, Haley and I decided that Leah needed more organization for her toys. The toy box I made was great but many of her smaller toys were left on the floor... and tripped over... and lost... She needed something else.

Unlike the past couple of projects where I searched for ideas online, this design was original.  I knew I wanted removable storage containers but couldn't decide which kind.  A trip to Joann solved that when I saw these round, canvas bags with handles for easy carrying.  After bringing them home, I began drawing the plans with the canvas bag dimensions as the starting point.  The rounded bags came together nicely with the square edged design.  Time to build!

The cutting process went easy and took about 3 hours.  All pieces were cut out of a 4x8' sheet of birch plywood from a local, big box store.  The shelves actually sit inside dados because I wanted the furniture to be sturdy- no adjustable shelves.

I'm really horrible at taking good pictures during the build process, hence the low-quality iPhone pics below.  There are two pairs of shelves with the same dimensions and two sides that are exact mirrors of each other.  It really couldn't get any easier once I had the table saw set to the right distance.

The edges of the plywood were finished with an iron-on veneer strip that's actually real birch wood.  The back of the shelf also has a 3/8" inset to allow the 1/4" birch plywood board to sit flush inside.

The material list was simple and there's not much to the design other than the slightly angled sides.  I already had stain, polyurethane, brushes, wood glue and nails at home.  The total cost of the canvas bags, wood and veneer strip was $138.  It took nearly a month for me to finish (partly because I had been playing a little too much Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One and partly because of the arctic winter we're having in the Midwest) with the total time of actual design, construction, staining and sealing around 7 hours.

The last coat of polyurethane was applied last night.  I brought it inside this morning to take some images before it went on it's journey downstairs and into Leah's possession.

Images taken with the Nikon D800 and Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens.
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