Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dining room renovation.

A month ago, I began a do-it-yourself project of cosmetic renovations to our blah dining room.  Since we moved into our house over 4 years ago, I've always disliked the room- mostly because of the paint but also because it was just plain boring.  After watching enough HGTV to make Martha Stewart gag, I decided to take the leap and do the renovations myself.  Not having any real experience in cutting/coping moulding, I was a little nervous.  After the first weekend of crown going up, I was confident in my skills to finish the rest of the room myself.  Things I did to the room were:

Add 4" crown moulding
Add 5 1/4" base moulding
Chair rail that extends into the pantry hallway
Decorative boxes to give a wainscoting effect
Paint the walls , ceiling and trim
Give the chandelier a makeover with a bronze spray-paint
Remove older, partially see-through blinds for new wood blinds

Here are the before-and-after pics...

...and the finished room.

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