Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Hot, hot, hot."

Today I failed as a parent.

Leah was saying “hot, hot, hot” all day. Normally she doesn’t do this but when she does say “hot”, it’s because something is either hot or cold (she has a hard time differentiating for some reason). Well… I thought she meant she was cold because she had goosebumps and I had the windows open. Not once did I think she might not be feeling good. She napped abnormally long, she was very cuddly and not so outgoing, she had a runny nose and cough and she winced every time she swallowed food- I know, “duh!”, right?

Fast forward 6 hours and Haley gets home from work, checks her temperature and it was 101.9°.


Maybe I should start listening to my 14 month old when she tells me she’s hot.
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