Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thirties: The new fifties.

I sleep less and eat more. I have 10x more responsibility than a year ago. I get a shooting pain down my leg every now and then. Uncomfortable shoes ruin my day. I remember to apply chapstick every 30 minutes. I can only play video games at night when my girls are sleeping. My retirement account gets 1/4 of my check every two weeks. My hair line is on the move- backwards. It’s also turning gray. I have luggage under my eyes. I trip over toys, books, dolls and sippy cups. I snore. I have a walrus hair that pokes from my left nostril and grows at the rate of 5x a normal hair. I’ve developed a bulge under my rib cage. I take vitamins that my wife divides up into a daily container. I’m forgetful. I’m forgetful.

Either I’m aging in dog years or this has been a rough transition into my thirties.
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