Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcoming our newest family member.

On February 25th, 2011, Haley and I celebrated a new addition to our family.  Leah Gabrielle came screaming into the world at 7:42pm and weighed in at 6lbs 11oz.  Beautiful brown hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes and the cutest lips I've ever seen.  Her height was 18.75in, which surprised some considering I'm a lanky 6'4".

(Leah at the hospital, 2011.)

In the 3 days we've had her, I have to say her favorite activity is sleeping, followed closely by crying and fussing.  The first dirty diaper I changed appeared as though a Hershey Kiss had exploded down below. Waking up at 15 minute intervals throughout the night is a regular occurrence.  We have pack-n-plays, bassinets, nipple cream, diapers and wipes scattered throughout the house.

(Leah at the hospital, 2011.)

I can literally spend hours looking over all of her features.  She makes the cutest lip-smacking sound and spontaneously sticks her tongue out and shakes it from side-to-side.  Her toots are hilarious and her burps give us the satisfaction of a job well done.  Her legs are stringy and her tiny hands have the most amazing detail inside such a small area.  She cuddles like no other and just loves to make everyone smile.  She is such an amazing, little person and a true miracle.

Welcome Leah Gabrielle Stenzel.  We are so excited to share all we have with you.
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