Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 Weeks.

Down by 6 in the fourth quarter... TJ Ducket catches a touchdown pass with 0 seconds left on the clock to give MSU the victory. The underdog Spartans beat the Wolverines in an amazing finish and I was there to witness it!

Which brings me to this: miracles just aren't what they used to be. Yesterday evening, we saw a true miracle for the first time.

As Haley lay there with her belly exposed, the ultrasound tech pressed the cold probe into her. A few flashes of insignificant images appeared on the screen, nothing that I could make out. I looked at Haley with a smile, knowing that we were going to see our baby for the first time. She smiled back.

Then the tech said it... "Here's your baby."

There was a moment of silence... awe-inspired silence.

As I looked on the screen, I could see a profile of our little avocado. The string-bean arms were folded up and bent towards the chest and the noodle-legs were crossed and tucked into the classic fetal position. I stood there in amazement and couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

The first thing I could muster up was, "wow, that's a huge forehead".

The ultrasound was the final test that really cemented the idea in my head that, yes, we're going to be parents. Up until the ultrasound, it was a bunch of little things that added up. Pee test, blood work, heart beats... nothing compared to this.

The ultrasound tech held the probe in one spot so we could see the baby move around. The chest fluttered as the heart beat. The legs, first tucked into the chest, stretched out to a full standing position. The head moved from side to side and the arms went back and forth. I think the baby was just showing off because we were watching.

The tech then said, "There's the umbilical cord..."
I quickly replied, "Is there anything else down there?"

Unfortunately, the baby isn't quite big enough to genderize with 100% certainty so we'll have to return. While I hope for a boy, all I really want is healthy. We were hoping to find out so we could begin the baby room and also give us one less gender name to argue about.

When we got home, I went back through the images to take another look at our miracle. Then, there it was... the one reason I know it's going to be my little angel. In the very last image that was taken, something stood out like a beacon on the shoreline...

A camera! The baby is holding a camera!!!

And wouldn't you know it's a Nikon?

A tear rolled down my cheek.
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