Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Albums and prints, oh my!

Planning a wedding is stressful and time consuming, especially if you're doing it alone. The perfect venue, the right colors and flowers, the food, guests, appointments and finding a photographer that fits your style and budget to name a few. To help you along the way, I've created 4 collections that differ slightly and cater to a wide range of budgets. All 4 collections I offer include all-day wedding coverage, a complimentary engagement session, online proofing gallery, reception slideshow and a release of all your digital negatives and proofs.  (Please note that collections may have changed since blog post was originally published.)

The Together Collection is the starter package and for the budget-minded. It contains everything listed previously plus professional prints. The lab I use is White House Custom Colour. They are, by far, the best professional lab with the most accurate and high quality reproductions. When the proofing gallery is released after your wedding, you will receive a credit code via email for one 16x20 matted print in a 20x24 frame of your choice, one 11x14 print, and four 8x10 prints. You'll be able to select which print you want at which size, how you want it cropped, and any additional treatments you want done. The 16x20 print is affixed to a matboard for extra strength, then double matted and placed into the frame. The five frame options I offer are iron, bronze, cherry, black and slim onyx. Once your order is placed, it generally takes 1 week for the prints to arrive at your doorstep.

(From top going clockwise: black, cherry, iron, bronze.)

(From left: slim onyx, iron, bronze, cherry, black.)

The next three package options are my album collections. The big difference between these collections are the amount of album credit you receive, additional photographers and the last one includes a complimentary Nikon P6000 camera. When it's time to create an album through Matthew Stenzel Photography, we will go through all of the options together so you fully understand what you're purchasing and how it will look when it's delivered. The album company I order from is Queensberry. They are known throughout the world for having the best bespoke albums in the industry as well as the best customer service from any company I have ever dealt with. It's truly an honor to be working with them to bring top quality to my clients.

A 12x12 Queensberry digital (flushmount) album starts at approximately $1,500 with 50 images and 20 pages (10 layouts). This includes your choice of bengaline, vinyl or buckram cover material. For an additional charge, you may choose silk, micro leather, classic leather, contemporary leather or a photo front as your cover. You will be able to not only look and feel all of these covers with available samples, but also see what each color looks like in each material.

(Black classic leather, blind-embossed.)

(Rhubarb micro leather (back), claret silk (front), tamarillo contemporary leather.)

(From left: twilight silk, gunmetal buckram, blueberry contemporary leather.)

(From left: black micro leather, black classic leather, stone silk, graphite contemporary leather.)

(Black bengaline.)

(Onyx micro leather.)

(Black vinyl.)

(Stone silk.)

(Black pearl silk.)

(From left: pearl (front), gunmetal and carbon buckram.)

(From left: graphite and ivory contemporary leather.)

The base price also include your choice of mounting, which include digital or flushmount, page-mount, overlay and duo. Below is a description of each.

Overlay pages are the traditional way to present an album. The photograph is lightly taped behind the matted board with the print edge concealed behind it, giving the pages a classic look. There are six mat colors to choose from.

For many people wanting an un-matted photo book finish to their album, Queensberry's fully bound Digital pages represent the ultimate. The prints are mounted directly to each page with no matting. The look is clean and modern and images can stretch across multiples pages.

Queensberry's unique Pagemount pages have a layered border effect around the photographs. The border is created by trimming the prints slightly smaller than the matted opening to reveal the colored base page. We have eleven base page colors to choose from, which you can see in the swatch book that I will provide. There are also six mat colors, and protective edging and corners in black, white or silver.

Duos are Queensberry's signature product. They enable you to combine matted and digital pages in the same album, and to bleed images out to the edge of matted pages on one or more sides. Duo albums have no corners or edging. Queensberry trims the page block after assembly to maintain the smooth edge look of a digital album. The finished product combines contemporary style with the elegance of classical techniques.

Along with the aforementioned options, you can also upgrade to a larger size if you prefer.. I offer 14x10, 15x12, 15x15, 18x10, 18x12 and 20x16 album sizes. With very few exceptions, you can order any cover material, color and style, and any page option in any of the formats.

Parent albums are also available in 5" and 7" sizes. They are exact replicas of the larger album, but in a smaller package! The compact sizes are convenient for parents to show off your stunning photos wherever they may be.

After your wedding, when it's time to begin designing your album, we can sit down and select each of your favorite images from your proofing gallery. At that time, you'll be able to browse through my swatch books and samples, then pick options that you want to incorporate into the design. The beauty of Queensberry Albums are their near-infinite, customizable possibilities to create an album that is uniquely yours.

For more information on prices of the albums, please visit my Info page. If you would like to receive information on the price of my collections, email me and I will reply as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Michigan's Wine Country.

This past weekend, Haley took me on a surprise trip to New Buffalo, Michigan, otherwise known as Michigan's Wine Country. I could not believe how beautiful it was! Miles upon miles of grape vines atop rolling country hills with dirt paths leading up to each winery we visited. Thankfully we used a shuttle service to drive us from place-to-place, because after the first stop we were 18 tastes in the hole.

The 5 wineries we visited were Founders, Tabor Hill, Lemon Creek, Round Barn and Free Run. The most impressive of the 5 were Tabor Hill and Round Barn. I am not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow by the end of the trip, I could tell you the reason for different colors of wine, that an ice wine is very sweet and expensive, and that a Demi-Sec is the proper way to say Champagne if the grapes used to make the wine weren't harvested in the Champagne region of France. Weird, I know.

I wish I had more opportunities to take photos, but it didn't stop raining until the second-to-last stop. Oh well, that just means we'll have to visit again!

Thank you Haley and the getaway was just what the doctor ordered!
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