Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Self interview, part 2.

Ok, I'm back for another round of questions. I have a coffee in hand and Light in August singing in my ears. Let's get started...

Q: What are your favorite subjects/things to photograph?
A: Weddings! I love photographing weddings. It's the best job ever. Each wedding is really special and everyone gets dressed up so they're looking great. It's such a happy day that it's hard to not find someone smiling or doing something memorable. It's literally a photographer's playground!

Q: What does photography mean to you?
A: Photography means telling a story with images, plain and simple. The old adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words", holds a lot of truth in my perception of photography. It's more than just closing the shutter a thousand times. It's about recreating the past, by capturing the now, in a unique way using different techniques I've learned over the years.

(Lindsay and Travis, 2009)

(Matt and Amber, 2009)

The direction of light, cropping, and camera angle each add a unique flavor to the story of a photograph. And those are just a few examples of the infinite tools in a photographer's bag. My intent is to capture a "sense of existence" and to evoke emotion from the person looking through one of my albums.

Q: How technical is your photography?
A: The only time I get really technical in my photography is when I'm working with strobes or difficult lighting situations. This is mostly during newborn shoots or indoor portraits. Otherwise, when I'm photographing an event such as a wedding, I try to keep the focus on the action happening in front of me. There's nothing worse than missing a special moment because I'm too busy fidgeting with the settings on my camera. I have a pretty good knack for knowing when something big is going to happen, so I prepare my camera in advance... then I snap, snap, snap!

Q: Describe what black and white photography means to you?
A: The simple answer is, I love it! If I had to pick black and white or color for the rest of my photography career, I would choose black and white. Without a doubt, it's the most powerful way to tell a story. Colors can easily distract a viewer from what's going on in the picture. When an image is black and white, you really take the time to look at the emotion on people's faces. You see intricate detail that you wouldn't normally see. It's clean and unobstructed... beautiful!

(Photoshoot with Jules Bianchi in New Orleans, 2009)

Q: Tell a little secret about yourself that no-one knows...
A: Ok, here it goes. I'm horrible at basketball. Seriously, I'm pitiful. If you have ever seen me in person, then you'd know I'm really tall and have somewhat of a lanky build. You might now be thinking to yourself, "Well, you can't be that bad. All you have to do is toss the ball 2 feet and it's in the net." Wrong. I couldn't throw a basketball into a hula hoop while standing on a step ladder for a million bucks.

I do have a theory on why I'm so bad though. It's my long arms. Really! They are so long, when I shoot the ball, I have to constantly adjust the trajectory from the time it's near my body until the time I let go. It's just too far for me to stay on target.

It's time to give my typing fingers a rest. Stay tuned for part 3!
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