Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best of friends.

Our year-old, black lab loves the snow. As soon as the ground is covered, Rayla is whining at the back door to get out and play. She mindlessly sprints in circles while kicking up tons of snow dust behind her. The only thing she loves more than playing in the fresh snow is hanging out with her boyfriend, Lewie. I've never heard a dog cry so loud until I brought Rayla to Lewie's house for the second time. Ever since then it has been the same thing. It is seriously ear shattering! At this point, the only thing to calm her down is to see Lewie.

As soon as her paws hit the pavement, the reunion begins. It starts off with lots of hugs and licking, then quickly turns into a full-on chase. They probably run over 2 miles in pursuit of each other. It's so much fun to see the joy and excitement on her face as she plays. I'm glad she connects with Lewie so well because it's really hard to keep her busy during the Winter months.

After about an hour or so and lots of wrestling, it's time to say goodbye. As I wipe Rayla's paws and pack her into the Jeep, Lewie sits on the driveway to see his girlfriend off. The minute I start my car, she's laying in the seat snoozing away.

Here are some photos from her play-date today. Lewie is a labradoodle and an incredibly smart dog. In the summer, he gets his hair cut down to nubbins and he's about the same size as Rayla.

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