Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some things are just too funny.

Take my nephew for instance. He's growing up so fast, and now that he's talking more and more, he has been saying the funniest things! The day I took this photo, he was playing outside in our backyard. Well, while he was running around aimlessly, the neighbor's dog charged the fence and began barking loudly. He immediately stopped, looked at the dog, actually he stared at the dog for about 10 seconds, then he began running back to his dad saying "All done, all done, all done..." with his hands outstretched and the look of absolute fear. It was priceless!

Another great story just happened recently.

For Christmas last year, I bought him a rocking motorcycle and he didn't play with it much at the time because he was still learning to walk. Now that he's a lot bigger and more steady on his feet, he rocks on it all the time. He even rocks himself to sleep! My brother was watching him a few days ago and caught this on camera...

It's things like this that I don't want to forget. When he gets older, I want to tell him stories of all the funny things he did as a baby.
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