Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 for Tuesday. Wait, it's Wednesday!

Well, I generally don't post this often in my blog, but I have to rave about something that I just received in the mail... it's Nik's Professional editing plug-ins for aperture and it's ooh, ooh good!

I haven't really had the chance to fool around too much with it, but I can already tell how much better my prints and images will look after running it through this sweet sharpener tool.

(my nephew Alex, taken a few weeks ago at my dad's birthday party)

I'm not a huge fan of mega post-processing, so these tools do exactly what I need them to do. They speed up my workflow, keeping my images in Aperture without having to export to Photoshop for every-little-thing, and look great to boot!

Check them out here, and if you are really digging them, purchase them here!

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